A Sweet Experience: Velammal Nexus School Students Visit Zubi Candy Factory

A Sweet Experience: Velammal Nexus School Students Visit Zubi Candy Factory

At Zubi Candy Factory in Chennai, the air was filled with excitement as students from Velammal Nexus School stepped into a world of sweetness and creativity. Led by Prabhu Ravindran, the MD and founder of Zubi, the children were in for a treat – quite literally.

The factory tour was not just a glimpse into the making of candies; it was an invitation for the students to become candy makers themselves. With wide-eyed wonder, they witnessed the intricate process of candy-making, from mixing ingredients to shaping and packaging. But the real magic happened when they started crafting their own candies under the guidance of Prabhu himself.

For Prabhu Ravindran, seeing the eager faces of the children was pure joy. As they giggled and concentrated, he knew that this experience would stay with them for a lifetime. Zubi's tagline, "Handmade with Love," came alive as each child poured their heart into creating a sweet masterpiece.

As the day came to an end, the children left with more than just memories. Each one carried a goody bag filled with Zubi candies & lollies, a tangible reminder of the sweetness they experienced. But beyond the candies, they took with them the pride of having created something special with their own hands.

Reflecting on the day, Prabhu Ravindran expressed his happiness in seeing the children's excitement. "Our candies are targeted at kids," he said, "and moments like these reaffirm why we do what we do." For him, it wasn't just about selling candy; it was about spreading joy and creating lasting memories.
As the students waved goodbye, their faces lit up with smiles, and Prabhu knew that days like these were what made his journey with Zubi truly fulfilling. Hand in hand, they had crafted not just candies, but moments of happiness and togetherness – all handmade with love.
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