Our Story

From my humble beginnings with a saucepan experiment, I transformed my dreams into a beloved nationwide brand. Following my Master's in Australia, I ventured fearlessly into entrepreneurship, utilizing a modest home kitchen setup. Together with my brothers, Sathish Kumar and Dinesh Kumar, we entered the confectionery business, starting with packaging and selling imported mints from the USA. Branded as 'POW' Energy Mints, it rapidly became a favorite among consumers, leading to the exciting launch of Zubi.

Zubi features a variety of options, including Vitamin C infused with Real Fruit for a diverse selection. The exciting range of our product includes Zubi Candy Rocks, Zubi Swirl Lolly, Zubi Stick Lolly, Candy Rocks Lolly, Zubi Rose Lolly, Zubi Message Lolly, Zubi Watermelon Lolly, Zubi Ice Cream Lolly, Zubi Doughnut Lolly and Zubi Mushtache Lolly

The process, the quality standards, the hygiene and perfection ensure that our candies are the best you can get. But if you ask us how we make our candies, we would humbly and delightfully proclaim - Handmade with Love