Empowering Women: A Glance at Zubi Candy's Women's Day Celebrations

Empowering Women: A Glance at Zubi Candy's Women's Day Celebrations

At Zubi Candy, Women's Day wasn't just a date on the calendar; it was a celebration of the backbone of our workforce, the incredible women who shape our company's identity. Led by the visionary Managing Directors & Directors at Zubi Mr. Prabhu Ravindran, Mr. Dinesh Kumar Ravindran, Mrs. Lakshmi Priya and Mrs. Poonam Ranjani the day unfolded into a remarkable event filled with joy, empowerment, and recognition.

The festivities commenced with a spirited Kolam competition, where even a team of young boys joined in, breaking traditional barriers and fostering inclusivity from the get-go. As the day progressed, we gathered indoors for refreshments and impromptu talent showcases, where both men and women shared their skills in singing, poetry, and more.

A highlight of the event was the engaging games orchestrated by a lively emcee, featuring classics like musical chairs, cup pyramid, and follow the leader. These activities not only brought laughter and camaraderie but also encouraged teamwork and camaraderie among our diverse workforce.

In a bold move to boost confidence and self-esteem, we organized a ramp walk competition, disregarding superficial judgments and focusing solely on individual poise and charisma. Witnessing the winners' emotional reactions as they were crowned, we knew we had succeeded in making them feel like royalty.

While the day was predominantly dedicated to celebrating our female employees, we also ensured the participation of our male colleagues with specially curated games and activities. Moreover, a lucky draw added an element of excitement, with three lucky winners walking away with exciting prizes.

The energy soared as the dance floor opened up, with everyone joining in for some carefree revelry. Wrapping up the day, we honored our oldest employee with a lifetime achievement award, recognizing his invaluable contributions to our journey.

As a token of appreciation, each employee received a small gift, symbolizing our gratitude for their dedication and hard work. Finally, a sumptuous lunch and delightful ice creams marked the end of a memorable day, leaving everyone with cherished memories and strengthened bonds.

At Zubi Candy, our workforce, comprises 80% women, it is the cornerstone of our success. Their passion, resilience, and talent define who we are, and it's only fitting to dedicate a day to honor and celebrate their invaluable contributions. Here's to the incredible women of Zubi Candy, today and every day.

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