Zubi Candy's Sweet Success at AAHAR 2024: A Recap

Zubi Candy's Sweet Success at AAHAR 2024: A Recap

Zubi Candy, the home of handmade candies from Chennai, recently showcased its delectable creations at AAHAR 2024, an international food and hospitality fair held in Delhi. The event spanned five days, each marked by unique experiences and fruitful interactions for Zubi Candy and its visitors.

Day 1: Sweet Beginnings

On the inaugural day of AAHAR 2024, Zubi Candy brought together its sales managers from various states, embarking on a challenging journey to assemble their diverse range of products from Chennai just a day before the event. Despite the hurdles, Zubi Candy kicked off the fair with a bang, captivating the crowd with India's biggest swirl lollipop and watermelon lollipop. The introduction of new delights like the pineapple lolly, sour storm, and the endearing "I love you lolly" drew the attention of young students, chefs, and food enthusiasts alike, leaving them enchanted with Zubi Candy's flavors and craftsmanship.

Day 2: Impressions on Retail Giants

As the second day unfolded, Zubi Candy attracted the attention of major retailer chains such as Lulu, Nesto, and Reliance. These industry titans marveled at the plethora of candy varieties on display, expressing their admiration for Zubi Candy's innovation and quality. It was a resounding success as visitors indulged in the sweetness of Zubi Candy's offerings and left with smiles on their faces.

Day 3: Appreciation from Industry Players

The final day of AAHAR 2024 witnessed a gathering of Zubi Candy's stockists from across India, alongside retailers and brand owners. This confluence of industry stakeholders provided an opportunity for Zubi Candy to showcase its creativity and dedication to excellence. The stall received accolades for its diverse product range and commitment to delivering unmatched quality in every bite.

Tremendous Success:

Reflecting on the 5 days of AAHAR 2024, Zubi Candy celebrates a tremendous success. From captivating crowds with innovative flavors to earning admiration from industry giants, the event served as a platform to showcase Zubi Candy's passion for crafting delightful confections. As the curtains draw on AAHAR 2024, Zubi Candy looks forward to continuing its journey of sweet success, spreading joy one candy at a time.

Speaking on the occasion, Prabhu Ravindran, the founder of Zubi Candy, expressed his profound happiness at the overwhelming response received during AAHAR 2024. He emphasized the journey of Zubi Candy from its humble beginnings to becoming a beloved brand known for its commitment to quality and innovation. Prabhu Ravindran also extended his gratitude to the dedicated team behind Zubi Candy's success and pledged to continue delighting customers with new and exciting flavors in the future.

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