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Zubi Candy

Zubi Colour Rose Lolly (Assorted) - Enriched with Vitamin C

Zubi Colour Rose Lolly (Assorted) - Enriched with Vitamin C

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There is a rose for every colour, every mood and every relationship! Zubi The Fun Candy Rose Rollies come in an assortment of flavours!  Handcrafted with love, No matter who you give it to it is the sweetest gift one can get, There is no better way to express your love than a sweet Rose lollies.

Wondering what each colour of the rose means?
  • Red Rose - Love, Beauty, Respect
  • White Rose - Purity, Innocence
  • Pink Rose - Grace, Perfect Happiness, Sweetness
  • Yellow Rose - Joy, Friendship
  • Orange Rose - Desire, Enthusiasm

Get a range of the sweetest goodies!

  • HandMade with love: Handmade rose lollies with delicious strawberry flavour and a sweet mini-card, perfect to gift your loved one
  • Candies made with care: Enriched with Vitamin C, gluten-free, dairy-free and no artificial preservatives
  • Make every moment sweeter with Zubi Candy!
  • Package Contents: Contains Rose Lollipops, 50g

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