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Zubi Candy

Zubi Candy Rocks Jar 200g - Enriched with Vitamin C

Zubi Candy Rocks Jar 200g - Enriched with Vitamin C

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Experience a medley of mouth-watering crunchy fruit flavours, all in the same jar! Zubi presents Fruit Medley Candy Rocks! Handmade with love right here in India, It comes in a variety of cute designs, thus making it perfect as return gifts or as party favours. Every mini-carton comes with six jars for unlimited fun n frolic!

  • HandMade with love: Mouthwatering lollipops in fun swirls, handmade so each piece is as unique as you!
  • 8 Exciting Flavours: Available in mango, orange, strawberry, watermelon, litchi, raspberry, blueberry and cola
  • Candies made with care: Enriched with Vitamin C, gluten-free, dairy-free and no artificial preservatives
  • Make every moment sweeter with Zubi Candy!

    These jars can be customized for corporate and bulk orders. Please fill out our contact form for details!
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